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Cafeteria Plan Services IRC Section 125 POP
Set-up and administration of Section 125 Premium Only Plan (POP). Allows participating employees to pay for qualified benefits through a salary-reduction agreement with the employer.
COBRA Compliance Administration
Full DOL compliance services. COBRA notification of rights. COBRA premium Invoicing. COBRA premium collections, COBRA conversion rights. A teleconference Hotline  to utilize when you have questions regarding COBRA. COBRA participants Hotline to answer any questions. A department with total dedication to Federal & State (Cal-COBRA) compliance regulations.

Compliance Posters - Mandatory (All Employers)
Cloud, Minturn & Associates, LLC keeps your compliance posters current.  All poster sets are laminated and updated annually unless special circumstances require a different time frame.

Disciplinary & Termination Support
Cloud, Minturn & Associates, LLC is available to conduct on-site disciplinary or termination meetings with the employer and the employee.
Eligibility Verification & Tracking
We notify you when benefits package needs to be completed & submitted.
Employee Benefit Analysis & Feasibility Study
All existing plans analyzed for possible overlap and duplication of coverage upon installation of Cloud, Minturn & Associates, LLC services. Research & analysis for new employee benefit programs upon request.

Employee Benefit Market Analysis
A complete market survey performed & analyzed for all plans that Cloud, Minturn & Associates, LLC is authorized to administrate upon installation of our services. Thereafter, plans are analyzed annually or upon request. We keep you positioned in the most cost-effective medical programs through constant tracking of all major plans.
Employee Handbook
Development & installation or review of existing handbook & updating as needed. Bringing policies into compliance with federal & state regulations.
Employee Handbook Maintenance / Support
Cloud, Minturn & Associates, LLC monitors changes in labor laws & labor related court cases. If it concerns your employee handbook, we will create & ship new pages for replacement and/or insert. An employee notification packet is also generated for distribution to each employee notifying them of changes to the company employee handbook.
Employee Personnel Records Maintenance
Overview, develop and/or maintenance of all required forms, pamphlets & signed policies to keep files in compliance for state & federal regulations, insurance & employment laws.
Employee Support
Employees and their families contact our office, toll-free, for help, regarding explanation of benefits, claims challenges, facility changes, etc. 
Employer Support
A teleconference Hotline for the employer regarding billings, claims adjudication, explanation of benefits, terminations, additions, and miscellaneous questions.
Enrollment Meetings
Initiation and coordination of employee meetings to review options and answer benefits questions.
Enrollment Processing
We track all new employee & new dependent applications for correct information and coverage effective dates.
Human Resource Compliance Forms Manual
Customized forms manual helps you comply with state and federal laws. Keep employee personnel files up to date. Includes new hire, active and termination checklists and custom forms. 
Human Resource Compliance Hotline
Teleconference Hotline for You regarding labor law, OSHA, Workers' Compensation, employee/employer related issues.
Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
To ensure compliance with the current California laws regarding sexual harassment (AB1825).  Cloud, Minturn & Associates, LLC will provide a two hour required training program for supervisors and managers.
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